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    In a marketplace where influencers manipulate and exploit their followings, it's natural the common investor may find themselves with lackluster and underperforming portfolio results. Well, a platform is here to finally level the playing field. The Apollo token will be the hyper deflationary ecosystem currency that will grant access to various functionalities designed to allow our users to remain competitive through changing market conditions.

    Apollo's burn-for-access requirements will compliment the burn amplification tokenomics such that participation in the ecosystem begets more reflections. This also creates a compounding deflationary principle that is novel for the space. As it's name infers, Apollo goes where none have before.

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Liquidity Pool


While both cataloguing caller performance metrics and providing a seamless at-a-glance call feed, users will enjoy an increase in efficiency when searching for their next investment. Additionally, Apollo users will have the option to burn their tokens to unlock a variety of tiered features.


Apollo has a list of unique features, only available here

View a single source of truth for all tokens as they are called across a multitude of channels

Compare different marketers to see which ones have the best track record

View token calls across both the ETH and BSC chains

Live token metrics and configurable tables to let you see the data that matters most

All token calls

See the latest token calls in real time simply and quickly


Tracked Channels


Tracked Calls


View the latest token calls across multiple channels



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